The Diversity Dish. Learn, Change, Reflect, Eat. Public Discussions on LGBTQ+ Inclusivity. For More info about the Diversity Dish Series, visit us on Facebook at EquitasHealthInstitute

Join the Equitas Health Institute for networking, free breakfast, and tips for helping your business or organization affirm LGBTQ+ employees, customers, and clients.

Hosted at the United Way | 360 S. Third St., Columbus

Upcoming Sessions

Q is for Queer

AUG 29 | 9-10:30AM What does it mean and who should use it? Learn to navigate the multiple meanings, purposes, and understandings of the “Q” in LGBTQ+. Presented by Zoe Fawcett Freggens, Education Manager, Equitas Health Institute

Structural Competency

SEPT 26 | 9-10:30AM The physical environment of a medical space, workspace or public locale matters. Learn tips for ensuring your space is LGBTQ+ friendly. Presented by Julia Applegate, Director, Equitas Health Institute

Recruitment & Retention of QPOC in the Workplace

OCT 24 | 9-10:30AM Want to support queer people of color in your workplace? Learn about implicit bias, tokenization, code-switching, the difference between Cultural Humility and Cultural Competency, and why it all matters. Presented by Dominic Ali, Community Engagement Manager, Equitas Health Institute

Pronouns and Gender Inclusive Language

NOV 13 | 9-10:30AM Using inclusive language is critical for working with and serving transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, and gender expansive folks. This session will get you started. Presented by Ramona Peel, Lead Trainer, Equitas Health Institute

The New/Last Era of HIV

DEC 12 | 12-1:30PM (Lunch!) We have the tools to stop HIV in our lifetime. Join us for an overview of the tools and how to use them. Presented by The Equitas Health Prevention Team Find The Diversity Dish Series on Facebook @EquitasHealthInstitute