Structural Competency Assessment Services

Analyzing your organization’s systems and environments to effectively engage LGBTQ+ communities.

What is a structural competency assessment?

Physical environments and organizational systems can have a positive or negative impact on patient, client, and customer engagement. A structural competency assessment provides an in-depth analysis of the extent to which your agency’s physical spaces, organizational policies and procedures, forms, and electronic health records are equipped to serve LGBTQ+ people.

Assessments involve an in-depth analysis of your agency’s

  • physical space
  • website
  • organizational policy and procedures
  • forms
  • electronic health records

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Structural Competency Assessment (Medical)

Structural Competency Assessment (Non-Medical)

Our analysis will conclude with practical recommendations for improvement, sample tools, and implementation assistance. To learn more about our consulting services and fees, email

After our analysis,

your organization will receive a clear action plan to adjust existing systems and environments in order to better serve LGBTQ+ communities:

    • A comprehensive written report, outlining key opportunities to increase competency
    • Practical recommendations to address areas of opportunity
    • An LGBTQ+ diversity tool kit for supplemental training & development

What your peers are saying about their Structural Competency Assessments


The Cox Health and Counseling Center at Kenyon College

 “Our goal was to understand how we could be more affirming and inclusive of LGBTQ+ students. The Equitas Health Institute’s Structural Competency Assessment provided a thorough review of all patient experience processes, our online presence, our intake forms, and all of our physical spaces. It also reviewed our student health insurance policies, which helped us identify and address major gaps in equitable coverage for LGBTQ+ students.

The SCA gave us the tools to identify key growth opportunities and a detailed action plan to address them. Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback from LGBTQ+ students on the changes we have made in the past year, I cannot recommend this service highly enough.”

Cryobio, Columbus

“Cryobio welcomed Equitas Health Institute to our offices for a training session on providing culturally humble and competent care to the LGBTQ+ community. The mixture of personal stories and research-backed recommendations along with the way this information was delivered in an intimate group setting led to a very open and engaging discussion and made our whole team excited to put what we learned into practice.  We also benefited from an assessment of our structural competency, to get input about how welcoming our office was in the physical sense and how we could make LGBTQ+ clients feel more comfortable when seeking care.  We have already recommended these training services to other people, and we look forward to having more training in the near future!”