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The Equitas Health Institute, OhioHealth, and the OSU Wexner Medical Center will welcome hundreds of activists, academics, community members, and health & social service professionals to our virtual conference space October 14-16. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for professionals and community members from across the nation and the globe to come together online and share not only research and best practices, but also practical information about topics including family planning, wellness activities, and health and safety initiatives. This year’s conference theme is focused on addressing the needs of The Invisibles. If we are going to address the health needs of lesbians and bisexual cis women, trans men and women, non-binary people, LGBTQ+ people living with disability or mental illness, queer people of color, asexual people, pansexual people, and other “invisibles,” we must first work to dismantle structures and practices rooted in patriarchy, in misogyny, in able-bodied supremacy, in maintaining the gender binary, in heterosexism, in class hierarchy, and in whiteness. Eliminating health inequities requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution. LGBTQ+ health promotion efforts that focus largely on preventing HIV do little to address increased cancer rates among lesbians, or a lack of addiction treatment options for trans people, or mental illness stigma within the LGBTQ+ community. Similarly, HIV treatment and prevention efforts that focus solely on same-gender loving cis men re-enforce a harmful stigma and leave trans people and cis women, as well as their providers, dangerously unaware of their risk. 

In addition to wide-ranging and diverse workshop content, we are also proud to present our plenary speakers. Rev. Angela Denise Davis, M.Div., M.S. is a Blind, Black Lesbian whose public speaking centers around justice issues located at the intersection of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. She believes her call in life is to facilitate conversations and theological reflections along the fence line of those differences. She challenges her audiences to wrestle with the difficult and to support each other‘s journey into new territory. Jessica Halem, MBA is currently the LGBTQ Outreach and Engagement Director at Harvard Medical School. Prior to joining Harvard, Jessica ran the Lesbian Community Cancer Project in Chicago where she implemented the nation’s first cultural competency trainings for the CDC, served on then-candidate Obama’s first LGBT Advisory Committee, and she began fighting for the inclusion of transgender health equity since 2001. She currently serves on the Board of the Tegan and Sara Foundation. Lisbeth Meléndez Rivera is a 30+ year veteran of the LGBTQ and labor movements. Lisbeth has crisscrossed the country training workers and community leaders in organizing, leadership development, and community building strategies from a grassroots perspective. Lisbeth is the former Director of Faith Outreach & Training at the Human Rights Campaign, where she worked with people of faith across denominations to ensure we can be who we are, love who we love, and practice our faith free of judgment.

Conference fees are lower for members of the general public and students. Additionally, a limited number of scholarships are available to those with financial need. Please contact to apply.

Registration is now open. The current discounted rates are available through August 31, 2020, so grab your tickets today!

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