“I would definitely have loved to have heard about non-hetero sex practices. ‘Cause it’s, you know, what you do if you’re hetero, but there’s no options if you’re not.”

“They were trying to split us off in male vs. female, and just teach men about male anatomy, and females about female anatomy, and of course, I’m not male. So it just didn’t feel right.”

Sex Ed 2.0
(there’s more than one way to do it.)

A Program Just for LBTQ+ Youth

NOV 23-24 | Time | Location
FREE! Includes meals.

Join us for a day of everything they never told you in sex ed cuz they were too busy talking to the cishets.

  • Queer Talk: healthy relationships, personal safety, identity, your body & your feelings.
  • Interactive Activities: From trivia games to coloring books – our goal is to have fun!
  • A Safe Space: So you can ask the questions your gym teacher can’t answer.
  • Stay Healthy: Free safer sex supplies and how to use them.
  • Get Checked: Free and affirming HIV/STI testing and linkage to care.

Learn more or register at http://tinyurl.com/sex-ed-2-0

Thanks to the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio for funding the development of this pilot Sex Ed curriculum for LBTQ+ youth.