PAPI Provider Training & Resource Center


Thank you for your commitment to preventing the transmission of HIV. As part of our mission to be a gateway to good health for those at risk of HIV, Equitas Health offers free training and resources to providers across Ohio to increase patient access to HIV prevention medication.


What is PAPI?

PAPI (Prevention Assistance Program Interventions) is an Ohio Department of Health program designed to reduce HIV transmission by lowering the out-of-pocket expenses patients pay for PrEP, a once daily pill that is 99% effective at preventing HIV. Coupled with patient assistance programs, PAPI makes PrEP free for most Ohioans.

PAPI pays for PrEP-related medical costs such as office visits, lab work, and prescriptions. ODH enrolls providers into the PAPI program and reimburses them directly for all PrEP-related services. PAPI reimbursement rates are typically 30% higher than Medicare reimbursement rates.

360°Support from Equitas Health

Free training and reference materials on all PAPI procedures, including coding and billing.
Whole office support – from the front desk to the exam room – before and after you begin providing PrEP-related care.
Patient access to free statewide delivery of their PrEP prescriptions

To learn more about becoming a PAPI provider, please provide the following contact information:

    To reach Equitas Health’s HIV Prevention Medical Educator, call (513) 599-4318 x1027 or email