VARIAT Sim App Teaches Empathy

VARIAT Sim App Teaches Empathy

When Nationwide Children’s Hospital developed the new app, VARIAT Sim (Virtual and Augmented Reality Implicit Association Training), they called on the expertise of the Equitas Health Institute to guide their module addressing implicit biases toward sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in a healthcare setting.

The VARIAT Sim app provides healthcare workers an in-person, onsite perspective to promote empathy and decrease implicit bias. By successfully completing the SOGI module, Medicaid providers will:


  • Increase their awareness of implicit biases.
  • Learn how biases and social determinants of health lead to inequitable care.
  • Acquire strategies and resources to minimize health disparities.
  • Receive a certificate of completion and Continuing Medical Education credits


We’re proud to have been part of developing this innovative and critical training format.

Look for VARIAT wherever you get your apps, and start learning today!

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